You guys have made an awol Seblainer super happy this week! Thank you all for your likes and enjoyment! <33

Like Sebastian, I couldn’t resist noting when the post hit a particular number of notes ;) 

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both house of cards and orange is the new black have bisexual protagonists netflix is doing everything right and racking up awards and everyone better learn something from it

My Hogwarts!Luther fic is stuck in my head, so I made this as inspiration.

It’s hilarious how all Harry Potter-verse house pairings still apply (even the Luther-Zoe-Mark triangle, if we assume Mark’s a Hufflepuff. Which, seeing him post-Zoe and with Jenny, makes complete sense). 


Supporting Community CharactersThe Germans (Juergen, Karl, Lukas, and Reinhold)

Now this is a Webster’s New World Dictionary that I would own. ;) 

Also, I am consistently amazed by all of Grant’s little details that really help flesh out Sebastian’s character (into a bit of a Blaine!perv, but that’s neither here nor there). 


something that could
change my life forever
is it worth it, no;
is it worth it? no


Beautiful typography ;;


  1. sophisticatedloserchickI love the concept so much. Blaine having a crush on Sebastian and his best friend Kurt helping him out :D

    I’m sure others have written better, but here’s my small Seblaine contribution for this wonderful gifset :)

    “Well I wonder who you’re staring at,” Kurt teases as he walks up behind Blaine.

    “What? I wasn’t –” Blaine tries to defend, but at Kurt’s knowing look he gives up and sighs. “If I’m so obvious, why can’t he notice?”

    “Because he’s a self-absorbed jock, that’s why,” Kurt drawls. “But for some reason, you seem to like him. So just go talk to him.”

    “I can’t!” Blaine argues.

    “Yes, you can. And you will. Now go,” Kurt says, giving Blaine a forceful push towards the table where Sebastian Smythe was sitting.

    Blaine glares back at Kurt, promising payback, but takes a deep breath and continues to walk towards Sebastian. Sebastian, the gorgeous transfer from Paris who skyrocketed up Dalton’s social ladder by being elected lacrosse captain after only one week of practice. Sebastian, the guy who Blaine is currently crushing on hard-core, and who definitely doesn’t even know Blaine exists.

    Then Blaine is standing at Sebastian’s table and Sebastian is looking at him and Blaine has no idea what to say.

    “Um…hi. I – er, just wanted…” Blaine stutters.

    “Blaine Anderson. Sebastian Smythe,” Sebastian introduces himself confidently, stretching out his hand for Blaine to shake.

    “Oh,” Blaine says in surprise and shakes Sebastian’s hand. “You…you know who I am?” Blaine tries his best to remain composed despite being completely giddy.

    “Of course I do. You’re captain of the Warblers. I was thinking of auditioning,” Sebastian responds smoothly.

    “Oh! Well you definitely should,” Blaine gushes. If there was one thing he knew he could talk about it was the Warblers, even if it was to Sebastian Smythe. “You would be a great addition to the team. I mean…I guess I haven’t heard you sing, but I’m sure you’ll be fantastic. Auditions are in two weeks, on Wednesday night. But if that conflicts with lacrosse practice, I’m sure we could rearrange something else that would work for you,” Blaine rambles.

    “I look forward to it,” Sebastian says with an amused smile that makes Blaine want to flush with embarrassment and smile with glee at the same time.

    “Great…well, I guess I’ll see you around Dalton, then?” Blaine says, wanting to end the conversation before he says something stupid to fill the silence.

    “I’m sure,” Sebastian replies. “But…would you want to get coffee sometime? I could really use some insights from you, Blaine. You know, Warbler to potential Warbler.”

    “Of course,” Blaine agrees, fighting a smile. They exchange numbers and …wow. More than Blaine had ever (realistically) hoped for.

    “I’ll see you around, then,” Blaine attempts to say casually. Sebastian nods, and Blaine can’t help but notice Sebastian’s eyes trail over him before they go back to his homework. Fortunately, that means Sebastian is no longer paying attention to him when he flushes bright red.

    Blaine quickly spins around and walks away, knowing he has a sappy smile on his face. He isn’t really paying attention to where he’s going, and he is surprised when Kurt suddenly pops back up at his side.

    “Tell me everything,” Kurt orders Blaine, strong-arming him out the door of the Lima Bean.

    Blaine never even got his coffee.

I adore Kurt-friendly Seblaine AUs, awww.

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The tide recedes but leaves behind
bright seashells on the sand.
The sun goes down, but gentle
warmth still lingers on the land.
The music stops, and yet it echoes
on in sweet refrains…..
For every joy that passes,
something beautiful remains.

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"Let’s just say that I miss Dalton every day. But McKinley is where my heart is now." — Blaine Anderson, “The First Time”

Oh, Blaine, honey, no. Don’t you see how they look at you? ;;

Fanfic: A Warbler’s Work (Is Never Done) (1/4)

[UPDATE — 22 July 2013] As I was writing the third chapter, I realized that there was a lot in chapter 1 that needed more detail, better setup, and, oh, more IC!Sebastian. Plus, my procrastination habits mean I shouldn’t post any WIPs. I’ve taken this fic down until I edit it properly and finish it!

P.S. If you’re interested in beta-ing this Sebastian-redemption, Warblers team-love-bonding, and slow-Seblaine-build-up fic, please let me know :)))

Title: A Warbler’s Work (Is Never Done) (1/4) | On AO3 

Summary: Sebastian isn’t sure when trying to be a good person meant piecing the Warblers back together in time for their annual spring performances. When he tries to foist the responsibilities of planning the Warblers’ performances onto his fellow seniors, he realizes that the dispirited Warblers aren’t much of a group anymore, and that the Sectionals debacle has jeopardized the future and reputation of the group.
Yet, between reestablishing order to the Warblers and reconnecting with Blaine, Sebastian may be able to repair more than he dares to hope.
A post-Sectionals season 4 redemption arc for Sebastian Smythe, with obligatory Seblaine.

Pairings: Seblaine, Nick/Jeff, Blaine/Kurt (one-sided)

Rating: T

A/N: This is my contribution to the wealth of Seblaine fics that make me very happy indeed. This fic is also what resulted after I rewatched the Warblers’ performances this year and tried to pick out who didn’t compete in Sectionals (Trent, Thad, and David). See the Glee wikia for more detail.
Throw in Nick and Jeff’s bromance during Sectionals, and Sebastian’s everlasting interest in Blaine (one Glee year = forever), and you have this fic that is heavy on the Warblers and their team-building.
This fic runs somewhat compliant to 4x22, with the Warblers and Blaine in spurts of communication offscreen, and then leaps into the great AU unknown.

On AO3